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All visitors are currently restricted, effective 1800 Saturday 17 July, exceptions include:

  • Parents of children
  • A support person for a maternity case
  • Visitors for end of life care- no more than two visitors at a time
  • A support person for a patient with a disability
  • Other exceptions on a case by case basis on the approval of the facility executive
  • Support persons for a maternity patients, should be encouraged to stay at the facility for the duration of the visit where possible, and not leave on a frequent basis to attend a retail outlet and return to the facility
  • Non-essential contractors MUST BE restricted from entry


Da Vinci Robotics

Warringal Private Hospital is delighted to announce the arrival of the da Vinci Xi® system. This remarkable technology allows our highly skilled specialists to conduct a broad range of advanced surgical procedures with much smaller incisions and improved control, precision and movement.

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Chronic pain

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects 1 in 5 Australians and at times can stop you from doing things you or your loved one enjoy going. For more information click here.

Initiatives to improve your care

Our Net Promoter Score:

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score surveys help us to understand how well we are meeting patient expectations, and to identify any areas needing improvement.

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Cardiac Care

Clinical Quality Information

We have made it easier for consumers to find and understand information about our excellent patient outcomes and initiatives.

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Cardiac Care

Safety Initiatives

We have introduced initiatives such as the Ramsay Rule and the Speak Up For Patient Safety Program, to promote patient safety and maintain high standards of care.

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People caring for people.

Ramsay Health Care's slogan "People Caring for People" was developed over 25 years ago and has become synonymous with the way we operate our business. We recognise that we operate in an industry where "care" is not just a value statement, but a critical part of the way we must go about our daily operations in order to meet the expectations of our customers - our patients and our staff.

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