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Bariatric Surgery

Lasting weight loss solutions in Melbourne

Being bigger means more health concerns: sleep apnoea, diabetes, cancer, depression, heart disease or hypertension – just to name a few.

Being bigger can also make some things in life uncomfortable, harder or less enjoyable. Things like keeping up with your friends, children or grandchildren, kicking the footy with friends or going on a plane.

Say goodbye to bigger health and wellbeing problems… and hello to a new life

According to Medical Journal Australia research, weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) is the only current treatment shown to achieve major and sustained weight loss. Importantly, in conjunction with an integrated treatment plan, weight loss surgery can lead to an improved quality of life and reduction in obesity-related health issues.

With over 30 years’ experience in bariatric surgery, Warringal Private Hospital has one of the longest established and most reputable bariatric surgical programs in Australia.

We offer a range of lasting weight loss solutions tailored to you. Your experienced surgeon and support team collaborate with you to determine the best weight loss solution for you and your goals. We then develop an individualised plan and provide the appropriate support to suit your lifestyle and needs.

If you choose to have weight loss surgery, you will continue to be supported after your procedure, assisting your physical and psychological integration into your new life.

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