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Mazor X Stealth Edition

Warringal Private Hospital is proud to introduce another addition in its robotics range, the Mazor X Stealth Edition for spinal surgery.

The Mazor X Stealth Edition platform integrates and streamlines three complex processes: image-based 3D planning of surgery, intra-operative guidance using precision mechanics and intra-op visualisation with Stealth Navigation.

This system provides images showing the unique anatomy of patients which then assists surgeons to alter the approach as necessary to avoid injury to vital structures and provides more information as to where the surgeons instruments are relative to important anatomies enabling more informed surgical decision making.

For patients undergoing surgery for back pain or spine surgery, the system decreases the risk of surgical injury due to the ability to see on-screen where they are in minute detail at every moment of the procedure which assists in increased accuracy for placement of medical decides.

As computer-assisted surgery may be less-invasive, patient recovery times can be quicker and the period spent on the operating table is reduced. An advance on previous systems, this new technology is more intuitive for theatre staff to use and provides a clearer visual images.

While not all spinal surgeries at Warringal Private Hospital will utilise this robot, the technology adds to the hospital’s suite of surgical options for patients, ensuring patients have access to a range of treatments to suit their needs.

Surgeons who utilise this technology are required to go through specialist training. No additional technology fees are payable by patients. Your surgeon will advise you on whether or not robotic surgery is the right option for you.

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