Warringal Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Pain Services

Ramsay Health Care, Warringal Private Hospital and the Avenue Private Hospital are really excited to announce our newly established collaboration with Pain Specialists Australia.

Dr Nick Christelis and Dr Tim Hucker set up their own practice in 2012 starting off small, seeing that there was a strong need in Melbourne for a specialised pain service. The practice was approached by others and this saw Nick and Tim's practice expand.

The service treats over 1000 new patients per year including workcover and TAC. They treat all types of pain ranging from acute CRPS, post operative hip and knee pain, post spinal surgical neuropathic pain, facial pain, pelvic pain, spinal pain, to chronic osteoarthritis and even paediatrics and cancer pain.

Therapies range from physical and functional therapies to nerve blocks, radiofrequemcy ablation, intradiscal procedures to spinal cord and other forms of nerve stimulation as well as intrathecal drug delivery. There is no pain problem too complex for this team of experts to deal with.